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High-Speed Conveyor


Conveyor line for aluminum cans

Solution Type

Significant reduction of line pressure
Eliminated product damage

Description of Problem

The largest brewery in Holland had a high-speed can line installed in 1993. In the inspection and coding areas, there was increased line pressure, resulting in damaged cans.

System Plast™ Solution

Nolu-S side guides were fitted onto the line. The low coefficient of friction from this lubricated material significantly reduced line pressure, eliminating the can damage. SpeedSet™ brackets were also installed, which allowed quick and accurate settings of the side guides.

Product/Part Description

Nolu-S Side Guides and SpeedSet™ Brackets

Key Customer Need(s) and Benefits From System Plast Product

The Nolu-S material combined with the proper guiding of the cans from the SpeedSet brackets eliminated can damage. Not only has the efficiency of the inspectors improved, all five can sizes can now enter the system properly and exit damage-free.