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Inspection and Coding


Major British brewery upgrading their can line

Solution Type

Reduced maintenance costs
Reduced safety issues

Description of Problem

The brewery wanted to lower the cost of soap and water lubrication, reduce health and safety concerns, and avoid wet packaging material. The can line had a 90,000 can/ hour capacity, with a max speed of 295 feet/ minute.

System Plast™ Solution

System Plast offered a line of chains and belts in NG™ material in combination with “EXTRA” style curves.

Product/Part Description

System Plast NG 2250, 820, 821 and 880M chains

Key Customer Need(s) and Benefits From System Plast Product

The NG material gave the customer the capability to remove lubrication that a traditional chain requires. Maintenance costs were reduced, and only limited cleaning was required. The lines are running well, and the efficiency has improved approximately 30 percent.