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Mass Transport Conveyor


Transfer of cans on buffer (accumulation) tables

Solution Type

Reduced downtime
Reduced maintenance costs

Description of Problem

A can manufacturer was using a competitor’s raised rib style belt that created many disturbances in the product flow of the cans when being transferred onto the large buffer (accumulation) tables. Friction was a problem, causing a large loss of product. Also, the service life of the belt was poor, resulting in unnecessary maintenance costs and downtime.

System Plast™ Solution

The System Plast LFG 2250 flush grid belt replaced the competitor’s belt on the large buffer (accumulation) tables and the mass transport around them with mainly square transfers.

Product/Part Description

System Plast LFG 2250 flush grid belt

Key Customer Need(s) and Benefits From System Plast Product

The smooth design of the 2250 flush grid and the use of high-quality materials resulted in a solid, long-lasting solution. There was a significant reduction in product damage. The System Plast belts provided the manufacturer higher efficiency rates and a longer wear life compared to the originally installed product. This resulted in reduced downtime and a big savings on maintenance costs.