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Transfer Conveyor


Can line conveyor

Description of Problem

The previous system had water and soap lubrication to assist with reducing friction between the can and the top of the chain. The bottom of the can was mixing with the soap and water, creating an abrasive aluminum oxide paste. The paste caused “dishing” on the competitor’s plastic chain top as well as inhibiting rotation on the return rollers.

The excess soap and water was also causing buildup on the floors, creating hygiene and safety concerns.

System Plast™ Solution

The System Plast NGG2252 belting with NG™ material

Product/Part Description

NGG2252 with Nolu-S wear materials

Key Customer Need(s) and Benefits From System Plast Product

Once the System Plast NG material was running, the reduction of soap and water addressed the safety hazard for the employees. The chain life went from two to three to 12 months, with no signs of wear. They were also able to reduce their external lubrication by up to 70 percent.