Cam Follower Bearings

CAMROL Bearing— The Industry Standard

Since 1937, McGill® brand of Cam Follower has maintained its leading position through the continuous development of new features and improvements to the CAMROL® bearing product line. As today’s leading manufacturer of quality cam follower bearings, Regal Rexnord has developed many features to extend bearing life for a variety of operating conditions, lubrication requirements, and application environments. The McGill brand offers a broad range of cam follower bearings with over 1,400 standard designs to choose from.


Product Cross Reference



The typical functions of a cam follower are to provide anti-friction support of linear movement or to follow the surface of a cam. The CAMROL cam follower from Regal was designed to withstand the intermittent shock, loading and precision requirements associated with these applications.


  • Auto plants
  • Food and beverage
  • Forest products
  • Oil drilling
  • Printing
  • Steel mills
  • Textiles



  • Automation equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Packaging equipment
  • Unit material handling


Superior Design Features

The CAMROL bearing promotes longer life and lower costs. Although others have tried to copy the outward appearance of CAMROL bearings, our customers find vast differences in performance. In laboratory testing at Regal, CAMROL bearings last up to 50 times longer than some competitors' products in a variety of laboratory and customer tests.


Proven Performance

Eight bearings from each manufacturer were tested at Regal under identical laboratory conditions without re-lubrication. CF–1-S size tested at 200 lbs and 1,500 RPM.



A Future In Improving Productivity

System up-time and operational efficiencies are key to profitable manufacturing in the twenty-first century and McGill precision bearings play an important role.

Premature bearing failure can dramatically drive up operating costs and increase system maintenance requirements. That’s why McGill bearing engineers design bearings to meet a host of different needs – easing installation, reducing maintenance and decreasing equipment downtime.

As our customer base has expanded, we have continued to design unique bearing solutions beyond our standard offerings. By applying years of engineering and manufacturing expertise, our staff of bearing specialists has created a broad array of bearing solutions to meet some of the toughest application requirements.

As we celebrate 100 years of manufacturing excellence, Regal® looks forward to the next century of working with you to help select and design better, more efficient bearing solutions to reduce costs and positively impact your bottom line.

The McGill brand of bearings was established in 1905 by James H. McGill and is a key part of Regal. Since then, McGill products have continued to evolve the to meet the needs of an ever expanding list of industries and applications. Regal now has 100 years of experience in design and manufacturing, with a long line of "firsts".


1930 - MULTI-ROL cam follower bearings

1937 - CAMROL® cam follower bearings

1956 - GUIDEROL® needle bearings

1964 - NYLAPLATE® seal

1967 - SPHERE-ROL® spherical roller bearings

1973 - LAMBDA® seal

1974 - LUBRI-DISC® seal

1992 - LUBRI-DISC+ seal

1993 - Metric CAMROL liquid metal injection seal bearings

1998 - Special-Duty CAMROL cam follower bearings

1999 - Heavy-Duty CAMROL cam follower bearings

2000 - CRES CAMROL stainless steel bearings


Find the right parts for your application based on: dimension, power, speed, service factor as well as other environmental conditions.



Talk to one of our expert sales professionals about how our solutions can efficiently power your business.

CAMROL Cam Follower Selection Guide

Metric Cam Follower Bearings

Regal offers metric CAMROL bearings in metric dimensions equivalent to ISO standard series. Both European and Asian versions are available.

Metric CAMROL bearings are available in stud or yoke type versions. Specifying the type of bearing needed depends upon the preference for either a straddle (yoke) mounting or a cantilever (overhung) mounting.

Metric CAMROL bearings are available with three types of internal construction: full complement needle rollers, retainer type needle rollers or cylindrical rollers. With a proven track record on inch cam followers, Regal brings many key features and manufacturing practices to the metric CAMROL series that outlast the competition.

In test laboratories, McGill CAMROL bearings last up to 24 times longer than some competitors' bearings.


Proven Performance

Eight bearings from each manufacturer were tested at Regal under identical laboratory conditions without re-lubrication.

Heavy Duty Metric CAMROL Bearings

This series provides greater dynamic load ratings by using cylindrical rollers in place of standard needle rollers. This construction allows the bearings to support radial loading, as well as some axial loading.

MCFD Series Bearings

MCYRD® Series Bearings

Yoke type heavy-duty metric CAMROL bearings are designed for yoke (straddle) mounting on a shaft.

LUBRI-DISC Seal Option

The LUBRI-DISC seal option increases bearing life up to 10 times longer than unsealed bearings:

  • Labyrinth and contact sealing help protect against loss of lubrication and help prevent entrance of contaminants while providing low drag operation.
  • Vents help prevent seal blowout during re-lubrication.
  • Integral back-plate design reduces internal friction by eliminating metal-on-metal contact. Less friction lowers the operating temperature, which extends grease life and allows for higher operating speeds.

Hex Hole Option For Ease Of Installation

The hex hole option reduces costs by speeding the installation or removal of stud-type cam followers. During typical installation or removal, the bearing must be held in place while torque is applied to the mounting nuts. The optional hex hole increases secure holding power over the standard screwdriver slot in the face of the bearing. The hex hole option is standard for stud type Heavy-Duty,
Special-Duty and CRES corrosion-resistant CAMROL bearings and is an option for standard CAMROL bearings.

The hex hole option is ideal for:

  • Difficult to reach assemblies
  • Blind hole mounting
  • Equipment with many bearings

Note: The hex hole option does not allow for re-lubrication from the roller end of the bearing on most sizes. (All metric versions and inch sizes below 3” OD.)

Crowned OD Option For Long Life

A slight crown on the OD of a cam follower bearing can increase bearing life up to three times longer than the standard, cylindrical OD bearing. The crown
helps more evenly distribute stresses for the following conditions:

  • Heavy loading
  • Misalignment of track or housing
  • A turntable or rotary cams

Note: The crowned O.D. is an option for standard CAMROL and heavy-duty CAMROL bearings

Computer Analysis Shows Crowned OD Can Increase Life Three Times Longer.

Finite element analysis of cam followers under heavy loads shows crowned OD increases L10 life. More detailed results available in Motion System Design magazine, August 2003.

Special-Duty CAMROL Bearings For Tough Environments

Select special-duty CAMROL bearings for tough applications such as automotive production, metal forming assembly and welding environments.

Resist contamination

Special-duty CAMROL bearings are specifically designed to resist contaminated environments. A metal end plug seal on the roller face helps block out contamination and resists welding spatter.

Maintenance free

Special-duty CAMROL bearings extend bearing life up to six times without lubrication maintenance by using synthetic grease and caged needle rollers. Caged needle rollers allow for a larger grease reservoir than standard needle bearing cam followers, a beneficial feature when re-lubrication is not possible.

Improved Protection

On the stud side of the Special-duty CAMROL bearing, the LUBRI-DISC + seal offers improved protection over standard sealing.


Cam Follower Bearings

Eliminates Re-lubrication

This bearing series eliminates the need for lubrication by utilizing a non-metallic bushing instead of needle rollers. Save re-lubrication time and inconvenience.
This is ideal when re-lubrication is not desired and grease contamination must be avoided.
The bushing type is appropriate for:

  • Light loads and slow speeds
  • Not for food applications

Heavy-Duty CAMROL Bearings

For Incidental Thrust Applications

While standard needle bearing cam followers are the economical choice for most applications, incidental thrust loads make Heavy-duty CAMROL bearings a better choice. Primary causes of the incidental thrust are a misalignment of housing or track, high loading causing stud deflection and rotary tracks or cams. Heavy-duty CAMROL bearings employ a unique internal construction, consisting of two rows of cylindrical rollers designed to manage much of the thrust.

Resist Contamination

Rubber lip seals are standard in Heavy-duty CAMROL bearings. Although standard cam followers do well in most conditions, the rubber lip seals in Heavy-duty CAMROL bearings increase protection against contamination.

Maintenance Free

The standard bearing has no re-lubrication feature. Seals are pointed inward for improved grease retention. The large lubricant reservoir and rubber lip seals keep more grease in the bearing for maintenance-free operation.


CRES CAMROL Cam Follower Bearings

Corrosion-Resistant CAMROL Bearings for Food and Beverage Applications

Greater Corrosion Resistance

Whether equipment is exposed to the elements or to extreme washdown in food and beverage applications, the CRES corrosion-resistant CAMROL bearing series extends bearing life in wet or corrosive environments compared to standard cam followers. The CRES CAMROL bearing features 400 series stainless steel to help prevent corrosion.

FDA Compliant Grease

CRES CAMROL bearings utilize H1 FDA compliant grease for food applications.


Improved sealing

The LUBRI-DISC + seal provides up to five times better protection against wash-down than standard seals. This seal is featured in CRES CAMROL bearings 1” OD and larger.

Rust Comparison

Tested per ASTM B117 salt fog test, 5% saline solution, 100°F, 100% humidity.

Water Spray Comparison

In a test originally performed to meet exacting aerospace standards, CRES CAMROL bearings were tested with a high-pressure spray aimed at the bearing face. This graph shows how each seal held-up – the LUBRI-DISC + seal featured in CRES CAMROL bearings was the obvious winner.

TRAKROL Cam Follower Bearings

For Thrust and Contamination

TRAKROL bearings feature a different design than CAMROL bearings to allow for heavier thrust loads. Smaller sizes (< 3” OD or point diameter) use
ball bearing inserts and larger sizes use tapered roller bearings to accept thrust loads.

Resists Contamination

Rubber lip seals help keep out contamination on the stud side of the bearing and a metal end plug seal helps protect the roller face.

Thrust Applications

Tapered roller bearing or ball bearing inserts allow for the heavier thrust capabilities of the TRAKROL bearing.

Maintenance Free

A large grease reservoir allows for a longer life without re-lubrication.

Wide Selection

  • Three OD types (plain, flanged and V-groove)
  • Stud and yoke types
  • Eccentric stud option available

Note: TRAKROL bearings are not always dimensionally interchangeable with CAMROL® bearings.

Yoke TRAKROL® Bearings

Yoke TRAKROL bearings are designed for yoke (straddle) mounting on a shaft and utilize tapered roller bearings.
Available in three configurations.

A History Of Innovation... A Future in Helping You Stay Competitive

Precision Manufacturing

Because there are no industry-wide standards for tolerances on cam follower bearings, Regal has set its own demanding tolerances for McGill CAMROL bearings. Regal uses statistical process control to help provide cam followers that are manufactured according to these exacting standards. Regal was one of the first bearing manufacturers to receive ISO 9001 certification. ISO certification and the process it encompasses help Regal design and manufacture bearings to uniform quality standards. While others have tried to imitate the McGill bearing design, Regal has the precision, quality, and performance that leads the industry.

Advanced Tools

Regal engineers use a wide variety of tools, such as computer analysis and sophisticated laboratory testing, to anticipate and design new solutions.
As applications push the limits of bearing performance, Regal engineers analyze and help prevent problems through failure analysis. Physical analysis, including scanning electron microscopy and internal and third-party testing facilities, are available to help understand and diagnose problems, leading to cost-effective solutions.

Engineering Excellence

Leveraging experience gained from developing high-performance aerospace and industrial applications. Regal routinely designs and manufactures McGill bearings up to Class 5 precision levels with exotic materials or coatings.

As developers of the first cam follower bearing, Our engineering team leads the industry in cam follower design. Extreme operating environments, changing size requirements, high-temperature differentials, and caustic chemicals – Regal engineers respond with a complete selection of standard offerings and customized bearing solutions for your application challenges.

Professional Timely Service

Regal is known for a commitment to customer service:

  • Inventories optimized to achieve excellent service fill rates
  • Standard box, bulk and special packaging available to meet your needs
  • Trained personnel to help solve problems quickly and accurately
  • A comprehensive distribution network and a focus on quick delivery, enabling us to serve you efficiently A technical customer service group for technical
    issues and a general customer service group for all other concerns so you always have the right resources to help you resolve issues



McGill Needle Bearings

McGill machined race needle bearings are manufactured from bearing quality steel and available with multiple seal configurations. McGill needle bearings
have a lubrication groove with radial holes on both the inner and outer rings for re-lubrication through the housing or shaft. Custom designs, lubricants and
diametrical matching (-DS Suffi x) are available.

CAGEROL® Bearing

Bearings are available in two series.

Standard width MR 5/8” to 9 ¼” bore sizes
Narrow width MR-N 5/8” to 6 ½” bore sizes

  • Steel cage construction allowing for higher-speed operation, while providing roller guidance and a lubricant
  • Crowned rollers, available on most sizes, reduce end stresses.
  • Available with optional inner ring (MI) which provides a hardened raceway for the rollers when used with an
    unhardened shaft.


Bearings are available in two series.
Standard width GR sizes 5/8” to 9 ¼” bore sizes
Narrow width GR-N sizes 5/8” to 6 ½” bore sizes

  • Full complement needle bearing allowing for higher static load rating, rigidity, and shock resistance.
  • Available with optional inner ring (MI) which provides a hardened raceway for the rollers when used with
    an unhardened shaft.

McGill® Spherical Roller Bearings

McGill spherical bearings single row of spherical rollers provides a wide variety of advantages. The bearing design allows for higher capacities, higher-limiting speeds, longer life under more misalignment and protection from contaminant within the same envelope of ordinary two-row designs.


Bearings are available in two series (tapered bore optional):
22200 series - 20mm to 150mm bore sizes
22300 series - 40mm to 100mm bore sizes

1. Sealed SPHERE-ROL® bearing dimensions meet ABMA/ISO specifications. Choose from three seal types:

  • NYLAPLATE® seal
  • NYLAPLATE® high-temperature seal
  • LAMBDA® seal

2. Dimensionally interchangeable with conventional double row spherical roller bearings.

3. Spherical rollers increase dynamic load capacity and misalignment of conventional double row spherical roller



Cam Follower Nomenclature Chart


Series Type Internal construction Size specification Seal Mounting method O.D. Configuration
Camrol® bearings
CF Standard stud Full compliment needle rollers Roller diameter in inches Unsealed Screwdriver slot Cylindrical
CF-S Lubri-Disc
CCF-S Crowned
CF-B Unsealed Hex Hole Cylindrical
CF-SB Lubri-Disc
CCF-SB Crowned
CFE-B Eccentric stud Unsealed Cylindrical
CFE-SB Lubri-Disc
CCFE-SB Crowned
CFH Heavy Stud Unsealed Screwdriver slot Cylindrical
CFH-S Lubri-Disc
CCFH-S Crowned
CFH-B Unsealed Hex Hole Cylindrical
CFH-SB Lubri-Disc
CCFH-SB Crowned
CYR Yoke Unsealed Yoke Cylindrical
CYR-S Lubri-Disc
CCYR-S Crowned
Bushing Camrol bearings
BCF-S Standard stud Bushing Roller diameter in inches Lubri-Disc Screwdriver slot Cylindrical
BCF-SB Hex Hole
BCCF-SB Crowned
BCYR-S Yoke Yoke Cylindrical
CRES Camrol bearings
CF-SB CR Standard stud Full compliment needle rollers Roller diameter in inches Rubber lip Hex Hole Cylindrical
CFE-SB CR Eccentric stud
CYR-S CR Yoke Yoke
Heavy-Duty Camrol bearings
CFD Standard stud Double row cylindrical rollers Roller diameter in inches Rubber lip Hex Hole Cylindrical
CCFD Crowned
CYRD Yoke Yoke Cylindrical
CCYRD Crowned
Special-Duty Camrol bearings
SDCF Standard stud Caged needle rollers Roller diameter in inches Eng plug and Lubri-Disc + Hex Hole Cylindrical
Metric Camrol bearings
MCF® Standard stud Full compliment needle rollers Roller diameter in millimeters Unsealed Screwdriver slot Crowned
MCF-S Lubri-Disc
MCF-SX Cylindrical
MCFR® Caged needle rollers Unsealed Crowned
MCFR-S Lubri-Disc Cylindrical
MCFR-SX Crowned
MCF-SB Full compliment needle rollers Hex Hole Cylindrical
MCF-SBX Crowned
MCFR-SB Caged needle rollers Cylindrical
MCFR-SBX Crowned
MCFE-SB Eccentric stud Full compliment needle rollers
MCFRE-SB Caged needle rollers
MCYR® Yoke Full compliment needle rollers Bore diameter in millimeters Unsealed Yoke Crowned
MCYR-S Lubri-Disc
MCYR-SX Cylindrical
MCYRR® Caged needle rollers Unsealed Crowned
MCYRR-S Lubri-Disc
MCYRR-SX Cylindrical
Metric Heavy-Duty Camrol bearings
MCFD® Standard stud Double row cylindrical rollers Roller diameter in millimeters Metal shield Screwdriver slot Crowned
MCFD-X Cylindrical
MCYRD® Yoke Bore diameter in millimeters Yoke Crowned
MCYRD-X Cylindrical
Metric Special-Duty Camrol bearings
SDMCF Standard stud Caged needle rollers Roller diameter in millimeters Eng plug and Lubri-Disc + Hex Hole Cylindrical
Trakrol® bearings
PCF Standard stud Ball or tapered roller bearings Roller diameter in inches Rubber lip and end plug Hex Hole Cylindrical
PCFE Eccentric stud
FCF Standard stud Flanged
FCFE Eccentric stud
VCF Standard stud Point diameter in inches V-Groove
VCFE Eccentric stud
PCYR Yoke Tapered roller bearings Roller diameter in inches Rubber lip Yoke Cylindrical
FCYR Flanged
VCYR Point diameter in inches V-Groove

View all Yoke Type Rollers



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