Cooling Tower Industry

All Encompassing Provider of Cooling Tower Solutions

Cooling towers are one of the harshest environments for power transmission equipment. Moisture, chemicals, and minerals continually attack the equipment driving cooling tower fans making durability and corrosion resistance a top priority for these components. Plant operators, maintenance managers, and consulting engineers turn to Regal Rexnord for their power transmission solutions. Count on our superior product quality and industry-leading technical support to prevent costly maintenance, repairs, and shutdowns, which ultimately maximize your return over the product’s total lifecycle.

Talk to one of our expert sales professionals to learn more about how this product can improve your business.

Complete Power Transmission Solution


Addax Cooling Tower Brakes

• Secures equipment from damage during high wind event/storm (hurricane typically)

• Protects personnel doing maintenance inside the cooling tower cell

•Universal brake mounting for easy installation

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Addax Composite Couplings

  • Lightweight composite design delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Center section weighs less than 25% of comparable steel spacer, reducing overhung loads and eliminating need for special lifting equipment during installation
  • Spans the distance from motor to gearbox
  • 24 hour expedited lead time available
  • Product Link

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    FALK CTA Series Gear Drives

  • Direct replacement of common Amarillo®* gearboxes
  • Available in 4 sizes (255, 275, 310, 350) and 23 standard ratios
  • After-market support — select ratios available at reduced lead times
  • Superior performance and reliability yields operational savings and increased system uptime
  • QR Code functionality to simplify asset management
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    Marathon® Motors Globetrotter® Totally Enclosed Motors

  • Redesigned totally enclosed cast iron construction
  • Built to withstand the corrosive conditions of Cooling Tower applications with IP55 protection
  • Energy savings and operating cost reduction with IE3 efficiencies
  • Dual frame mounting holes on base provide easy and versatile mounting
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    Regal Rexnord’s Complete Power Transmission Solution for Cooling Towers

    Regal Rexnord offers a full suite of power transmission solutions for cooling towers featuring a portfolio consisting of the strongest brands in the industry, as well as excellent support for project and replacement/MRO business.


    Cooling Tower Safety: Don't Do it Yourself

    Cooling towers keep a building's inhabitants safe and healthy. But the large fans inside towers can be dangerous for workers who oversee and maintain them. Discover how Addax Brake can assist in ensuring the safety of maintenance staff during planned and unplanned service.

    Service and Support Keeps Cooling Towers Online

    For 30 years, Regal Rexnord has manufactured cooling tower support equipment and developed a track record of being the industry leader. When equipment fails, customers know they're in good hands. Thanks to fast turnaround times, Regal Rexnord gets customers the equipment they need when they need it. This quick turnaround means support requests can be filled in days to reduce downtime and avoid costly long-term shutdowns.

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